Our mission

The Syrian Kids Foundation (SKF) is a Canadian charity (registration number: 805889631RR0001) that aims to offer humanitarian relief and social services to Syrian refugees from all different backgrounds, sects and religions. The services include free education, psychological counselling, social relief, recreational activities, and essential subsidies. Al Salam School in Reyhanli-Turkey, a project of SKF, blends the best of Syrian and Canadian values — to rebuild trust, self-worth, compassion, and open-mindedness in Syrian refugee children. We aim to empower a new generation with a worldview that would help create the necessary conditions to establish a democratic society.

How you can help

The school is not officially subsidized and depends merely on generous individual contributions. It takes close to a dollar a day to ensure the education of a Syrian refugee and to change their lives forever. Whether it’s by donating, creating an online donation campaign or a fundraiser, you have the ability to change their lives and shape the future of Syria.

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