Syrian Kids Foundation

The Syrian Kids Foundation is a Canadian charity that aims to offer humanitarian relief and social services to Syrian refugees from all different backgrounds, sects and religions. The services include free education, psychological counseling, dentistry, social relief, recreational activities, and essential subsidies — as well as regular free workshops on family and crisis counseling by volunteer psychologists. Al Salam School is our flagship program and the most important achievement of the Foundation.

Our Vision

We regard Education as a nurturing process for the mind, soul, and body. We are committed to provide the healthiest and most secure environment for children; where their creativity and joy can thrive; where every child is respected, loved, and given the opportunity to develop strong character and positive attitude.

Our Mission

Our Foundation aims to rebuild trust, self-worth, compassion, and open-mindedness in Syrian refugee children. We are committed to using constructive educational techniques that foster critical thinking and the courage to act on principles and give children the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Al Salam School Overview

Al Salam School – Reyhanli, Turkey, was founded in October 2012 and accommodates, to date, 1,860 students aged 6-17, and 90 employees, including 60 teachers. The humble building consists of 19 classrooms, a front garden and a backyard. The school operates five sessions daily, six days a week. Books and all other supplies are available for free. The school also owns two buses and offers the children free transportation.

The school plans on opening an educational centre in the backyard expansion, teaching English and Turkish languages and computer training to adults.

The Children of Syria

With the rising number of Syrian civilians fleeing to neighboring countries in search for safety and shelter, there is a growing number of children lacking basic needs and access to education — but most significantly lacking hope for the future. 1.6 million Syrian refugees are in Turkey in 2015; 816,000 of them are children of school age. The children suffer from trauma and serious psychological consequences as a result of exposure to violence and loss of loved ones.