Sabah – Al Salam School Graduate

Now that you’ve applied to study in Canada, are you worried of any culture clash? “Not at all, I lived the majority of my life in Aleppo, which is a very multi cultural city. In my school, I used to … Continued

Samer Osman – Al Salam School Graduate

Do you have any past regrets? “When I was in Syria, I was disconnected from my parents. I was a lost teenager that used to think that my parents disliked me . I used to skip school to hang out … Continued

Sami – Architect and Volunteer

“What would you say is your biggest contribution to the students?” “I think that would be my last workshop at Al Salam which I called : “My Profession is My Choice.” My objective was to break with traditional thinking and … Continued

Kayes Mohammad

“I was forced to leave Syria 2 years ago after my hometown of Raqqa was invaded by ISIS who forbade me from teaching English and do what I love most in the world which is teach.” “What advice would you … Continued

Majed Alkotaini

“I am able to mimic drum machines and different musical instruments. It’s an art called beatboxing. I participate in various school performances usually supporting singers and other artists. Music is definitely my passion, but my top priority remains my education … Continued