My long-term aim is to apply to Medical school and become a Physician, specifically an ophthalmologist. I find the way the eyes work to be very interesting. This is my main reason for choosing to study Biology, because it would be a strong foundation for moving into the world of medicine. On a personal note I have experienced the war and combat in my home in Syria, I think that a person’s life is the most precious and valuable thing we should save and protect. A doctor should assist everyone in need regardless of their religion, nationality, or political views. It is my intent as a doctor to do just that. Canada is a country that also feels that racism and prejudice is wrong and everyone should be treated equally. That is another motivation for me to want to live and work in Canada.

I have heard great things from my friends studying at Concordia that Montreal is a wonderful city and I understand that it is well recognized as a good place to be a student. It is also peaceful, and I’m sure I will be able to adjust to the cold winters! In fact I cannot wait to try skiing and to see my first hockey game. I am working with SKF volunteers in Montreal to learn English over Skype and I plan on writing my TOEFL in April. We talk about Montreal a lot and I can’t wait to see the city.