Mouhammad, 18-year-old, Al Salam school student
“When I left Syria three years ago, I spent two years in Reyhanli without studying. I was working in a store to learn a bit of Turkish and make some money to help my family. I made 10 Turkish Liras (around 3.5 US dollars) a week.

After two years, I got very tired of working and when I saw schools were opening for Syrian refugees in Reyhanli I started to want to go back to school, to study, to learn… I heard a lot of good things about Al Salam School at that time, like that the teachers are nice and don’t hit kids and everything… This school had a great reputation since it opened. And luckily, Al Salam School happened to be the only one I could go to since it was the only one with a bus system! So now I am here and I’m really happy. I feel like there is “someone” who cares about me, that wants me to have a future again, and not work for 10 Turkish Liras a week for the rest of my life…”