Ebaa, 18 years-old, student and volunteer at Al Salam School. “I arrived to Turkey 3 years ago, after having spent 6 months of not-doing-anything in Lebanon. Leaving Syria is the thing that has most affected me in life. I had … Continued


Batool, 16 years-old – Al Salam school student “Honestly, I’m not sure what I will do later, and one thing I know is that nobody can predict the future. My parents want me to become a doctor but what I’d … Continued


Rama, 16 year-old, Al Salam school student. “My dream is to be a doctor and to build a hospital in my village. It all started when I was a kid and that my mom had to travel to a town … Continued


Amr, 18, Freshly graduated Al Salam School student and volunteering assistant “I’m so happy I finally got my high school diploma. My dream is to be a doctor so I studied really hard to get A’s in all of my … Continued


Deema, 17 years old – Al Salam School Student attending TOEFL classes. “My dream is to become a doctor, because it’s a nobel job. I love to help people, making people happy makes me happy.”