As an eager young boy living in Syria, I grew up watching my father practice pharmacy as a career and above all, a passion. The foundation of my interest in pharmacy was already laid in those early years when I … Continued

Khairo Khatib, Al Salam School Graduate

“Growing up in Idlib, Syria, I never imagined myself living in the midst of a war that forced my family and I to leave and seek refuge in Turkey. Ever since, I struggled to pursue my education, which halted for … Continued


Majdolin Al Khatib, 14 years old, Al Salam Student – “I left Syria 3 years ago after our hometown went through extensive shelling. We went to Turkey for safety as it was the closest country to us”. – “What advice … Continued

Ghaith and Najeeb

Ghaith, 17-year-old Al Salam School student (left). “My family and I left Syria because the very first casualty of my city, Idlib, was from our family; he wasn’t really a close relative but he had the same last name and … Continued


Nour, 16-year-old, Al Salam School student “In 2012, when the bombardments started in Damascus, my family and I left thinking we’d be back to our normal life in a couple of days. Instead, we spent 8 months moving from one … Continued