Kayes Mohammad

“I was forced to leave Syria 2 years ago after my hometown of Raqqa was invaded by ISIS who forbade me from teaching English and do what I love most in the world which is teach.” “What advice would you … Continued

Mohammad Sabha

“My family and I left Idleb, Syria in 2012 after a massacre took place in our hometown due to air bombings.” “What’s the biggest challenge of being a primary school teacher where the students are all refugees?” “The violence that … Continued


Dahar, History and Geography Teacher at Al Salam School “I have been here for two years, but I’ve only been working at Al Salam School for about a year. I used to teach in another school in Reyhanli, but I … Continued

Doctor Hasan Kurdi

Doctor Hasan Kurdi, Full-time Volunteering Psychiatrist at Al Salam School. “I work both with the staff and with the students here. I organize regular meetings and workshops for the employees, teaching them how to communicate effectively, how to deal with … Continued


Nihad, Finance Manager at Al Salam School. “My job requires a lot of precision and organization, it’s not an easy job. But thankfully, there’s an amazing energy here. All the employees help each other out spontaneously. If someone is sick, … Continued