There are many ways you can support the Syrian Kids Foundation, and further our mission to advance education for Syrian refugee children:

1. Donate: Contributions from our generous donors are integral to the success of the Syrian Kids Foundation, a Canadian Registered Charity. For every dollar donated, SKF can fund one day of school for a student (and we have 1,880 of them). With your crucial donation, you contribute to the monthly operating expenses to upkeep the school, and the salaries of Syrian refugee teachers and staff at Al Salam School. Please refer to Our Flagship Projects page to learn more about how your donation would directly affect the lives of nearly 2,000 Syrian refugees in Reyhanli. For more information on how to donate, please click here.

2. Spread the word about Syrian Kids Foundation: Help spread the word on the importance of advancing education for Syrian refugee children, the mission of the Syrian Kids Foundation and Al Salam School, by talking to your friends and colleagues, and by posting, sharing and liking us on social media! Please refer to the In the Press section on our website to view some past media coverage of our flagship projects, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

3. Become a Syrian Kids Foundation volunteer: Our foundation is run entirely by volunteers, including its Executive Director and Al Salam School principal. We work with a dynamic group of volunteers from Montreal and beyond who provide their time, energy and talents to the Syrian Kids Foundation. Volunteers are involved in a range of activities in support, including:

  • Fundraising, for example through weekly bake sales at Concordia University.
  • Organizing awareness raising and fundraising events.
  • Website design, grant writing and communications.
  • Teaching English to Al Salam School students via Skype

If you would like to volunteer your time and skills to the Syrian Kids Foundation, please contact to learn about the opportunities available.

4. Volunteer at Al Salam School in Turkey: SKF supports selected volunteers to visit Al Salam School in Reyhanli, Turkey and provide enrichment classes and activities in topics such as English language, CV creation, architecture, aviation, science, photography and computer programming. This experience has been mutually beneficial for both the Al Salam School students and the volunteers, providing an unforgettable opportunity to connect and share between different cultures and nationalities. Refer to the Volunteer section to for testimonials from volunteers who previously visited the Al Salam School.

For further inquiries and information reach us at: