Syrian Kids Foundation leads a variety of Montreal-based activities to support the higher education of grade 12 graduates of Al Salam School – an exciting new chapter in our work.

Helping our students achieve their dreams: Syrian Kids Foundation’s support to Syrian refugee students in Canadian universities

In June 2014, Al Salam School in Reyhanli, Turkey, graduated its first grade 12 class, who received high school diplomas recognized by the Turkish Ministry of National Education. Soon after, SKF began exploring opportunities for further academic studies in Canada. In 2015, Concordia University entered in partnership with the Syrian Kids Foundation, generously offering six scholarships to Al Salam School graduates, contingent upon their successful acceptance to Concordia. As a result of this generous offer from Concordia University, the Syrian Kids foundation began the process of private sponsorship of selected Al Salam School graduates, in order to settle them in Montreal for their university studies. As well, Syrian Kids Foundation volunteers developed a structured Skype-based English tutoring program to prepare the students to write an internationally recognized English-language exam (IELTS or TOEFL), required for entrance into Concordia University, and essential for their success at university. Please see our In the Press section for extensive media coverage on this important new phase for Syrian Kids Foundation.

Ensuring our refugee students have what they need to thrive in Canadian higher education

In December 2016, Syrian Kids Foundation was thrilled to welcome the first two Al Salam School graduates to Montreal to began their university studies at Concordia University (See our In the Press section). As private sponsors, Syrian Kids Foundation volunteers support the initial relocation and settlement of our students including finding accommodation, accompanying the students for important appointments (university, health card, bus pass etc.), and buying the all-important parka and boots for Montreal winters. As well, our diverse and engaging SKF student volunteers, including the many English tutors who have formed bonds with Al Salam students via Skype, help our Syrian refugee students integrate both socially and academically into the university environment. In addition to the Concordia scholarships which cover academic fees, the Syrian Kids Foundation intends to provide financial support for the living expenses of its sponsored Al Salam graduates throughout their Bachelors’ programme.

Syrian Kids Foundation plans to settle at least four more high-achieving Al Salam School graduates in Canada to pursue their studies at Concordia University.

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